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Ruby on Rails: Up and Running book

Ruby on Rails: Up and Running book

Ruby on Rails: Up and Running. Bruce Tate, Curt Hibbs

Ruby on Rails: Up and Running

ISBN: 0596101325,9780596101329 | 192 pages | 5 Mb

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Ruby on Rails: Up and Running Bruce Tate, Curt Hibbs
Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Apache+Mongrel is shaping up to be the preferred deployment platform for Rails applications. You should see something similar: p12.jpg. Hot on the heels of the first production version of Ruby 2.0 comes the first beta version of Rails 4.0. Quickly try if your mysql set up is working, by running this command in the prompt: mysql.exe -h -u root -p. If you want to follow along exactly, you can create it by running rails new blog cd blog/. Every minute, delayed_job will spin up, perform whatever jobs are ready for it or which it must retry from a previously failed run, and then quit. Cron job is not working in ruby on rails in production mode. I picked up Ruby on Rails: Up and Running at the local Borders a few weeks back with the intent of forcing myself through a second book length tutorial on Rails. Finally, “cd firstproject” and run. You will be asked to type your password and if 2. If you haven't already Step 0 is to get Ruby and Rails up and running on your own development machine. Simon Davies blogged about getting up and running with Ruby on Rails on Windows Azure, and released a Sample Cloud Project. As you can see, after a bit of initial configuration using NuoDB with Ruby on Rails is no different than any other backing database. Go into this directory by using the “cd c: uby/myprojectsdir” and run. Or you can adapt the steps to your own . We run the slow command with perf record : $ perf record ruby -I reqtest -e '(1..10000).each {|i| require "#{i}"}'. Tushar Shanbhag talked about running MySQL on Windows Azure at the PDC last October. Setting up your Ruby on Rails application in an Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) server with Nginx, MySQL, Ruby Enterprise Edition and Phusion Passenger. After that, create a directory for all of your projects. The two form a great pair and are already running in production on a number of applications, including Basecamp Breeze. Anyway, the final step was to have Rails create a skeleton app. This article will show you how to start development of a Rails 3.2 application running on Ruby 1.9.3 – all on RHEL 6, using only RPM packages, alongside your default Ruby installation. ACS/OpenACS was amazing at the time when everyone was writing their own web server from scratch and we could get a site up and running quickly. I just have one in the ruby directory. That writes to a file called (or you can pass a different filename with -o ). For this example I am going to be creating a simple “blog” application that has users, posts and comments.

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